AMERICAN CANCER ROAD TO RECOVERY - This vital service provides transportation to and from treatment for people with cancer who do not have a ride or cannot drive.

BON SECOURS BREAST CANCER SUPPORT GROUP - This amazing support group places an emphasis on providing a “sense of belonging.” It encourages sharing, risk taking and problem solving among the participants.

BON SECOURS GENERAL SUPPORT GROUP - This lovely support group is for women who have been diagnosed with all types of cancer. Through personal friendships and emotional support, they want all women to feel important and never alone.

BON SECOURS CANCER REHAB PHYSICAL THERAPY - Stop by and find out how this unique service helps to minimize the debilitating side effects of Chemo therapy such as pain, fatigue, weakness, neuropathy, and bowel and bladder dysfunction.

BOSOM BUDDIES - This lovely support group focuses on the physical, emotional, and educational support for ladies with breast cancer through both close personal relationships and with trained educational speakers.

CAMP KESEM - This special organization offers a free week long summer camp for children in the greater Richmond area ‘who have’ or ‘has had’ a parent going through cancer. Moms with young children, this is for you!

CANCER LINC - This special non-profit organization connects cancer patients and their families with legal assistance and financial and community resources.

CAREGIVERS - This vital support group is specifically designed to give education and compassion to those who play such an important role in our lives.

DON’T IGNORE STAGE FOUR - This group is for all those touched by stage four cancer. Using education on nutrition and emotional health, they give patients tools to empower them to feel their best.

HENRICO DOCTORS LYMPHEDEMA SUPPORT GROUP - This wonderful support group serves both the patients and their families by routinely bringing in speakers on topics of interest to those dealing with lymphedema.

HERE FOR THE GIRLS - This vibrant non-profit breast cancer support group is specifically designed for young women who have been diagnosed under the age of 51. Fun, sassy and spirited describes this group.

LIVING BEYOND BREAST CANCER - This fun non-profit support group works with both women with breast cancer, and with their caregivers throughout their experience of diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

MASSEY LYMPHEDEMA SUPPORT GROUP - This group serves patients with lymphedema through education and support during their journey.

MASSEY WOMEN’S GENERAL SUPPORT GROUP - This lovely support group encompasses every type of cancer through education and personal friendships.

PLANET HAIR - This phenomenal salon offers not only wigs but custom fittings, cuts and stylings that will make you feel both comfortable and support through and after your cancer treatment.

SARAH CANNON BREAST CANCER SUPPORT GROUP - This special support group focuses on providing compassion and educational information to women with breast cancer.

2UNSTOPPABLE - Come by and discover the incredible benefits that exercise brings to both the patient and to survivors. This unique program makes accountability fun!